Exceptional Services Group, L.L.C.

Exceptional Services Group strives to improve quality of life with client-centered consultation and training across home, school, recreational and vocational environments

Exceptional Services Group consists of a team of highly qualified individuals dedicated to improving the lives of the people we serve.  

We insure a safe environment that focuses on the needs of our customers.  



Life Skills & Early Intervention

We offer therapeutic, educational and family support services for delayed, disabled, or at-risk individuals. Services include screening and assessment, home visits, groups and individual center based therapies, groups, parent and client education.

Exceptional Wellness

Exceptional Wellness is dedicated to providing wellness services to adults and children with developmental disabilities and other special needs.

What we eat can affect our bodies inflammation response and also affects our mood.  Learn to avoid stress related eating.  Benefits include optimized sleep and awareness, better overall health and mood.  We teach clients how to make better food choices.

People with disabilities face unique challenges, but this should not inhibit them from participating in an exercise program.  Benefits are improved motor planning and motor coordination, improved self-esteem, weight loss, reduced anxiety and more fun!!  .